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Shelby captured my husband and I perfectly; she created an ambiance of romance and intimacy for our first glance photos which we both had been dreading. shelby was able to able to capture the joy of my girlfriends roasting me, while also capturing the intimacy of the evening filled with family. she added humor and support through our wedding day, and her photos capture my memories and emotions attached to it perfectly. She's a joy to work with, and her ability to capture the essence of the moment is incredible. I love our wedding photos. -- jessica k.

the photos that shelby took are amazing. We are speechless and absolutely in love with them. she is such a wonderful person and amazing artist! --amanda p.

shelby is so crazy talented. my mind is blown and my heart is burst wide open every time I look at our wedding pictures. when i first met her, i knew she was our gal- her warm hearted nature and kind laugh made me feel so comfortable. i told her my vision for our wedding day and how I wanted our photos to feel and she just got it. her shooting style is a mix of totally behind the scenes and very directed. during the ceremony- I would have never known she was there--she quietly captured every moment. I love Shelby the most for her creativity. She can see things that the rest of the world cannot- truly she is a magician the way she captures the world- all with soft inviting, emotional light and vibe that just makes you feel good about life.  We can now tell the story of our wedding day with exactly the emotion we were feeling by looking at our photos. They are truly the greatest treasure of the whole wedding (well next to marrying my husband)! --beth k.

we are so in love with our wedding photos. We cannot thank you enough for capturing all of the special moments on our big day! --nicole

We would recommend Shelby to everyone! We were so pleased with all of our photos. We had lovely adventures during the engagement session and before and after the wedding ceremony which led to so many great shots. She has this quiet serene presence that is trustworthy and also lends itself to catching good impromptu moments. She is very observant and her pictures told a lovely story as a collection. She was also great at getting groups of family members together and tell them what she needed them to do, where to stand, etc, for those type of shots. We loved that she only sends edited photos---she turns everything she touches into art. We wish we could hire her to take photos of all our life events! --jeesica m.